Under Armour 495 Indoor Outdoor Basketball

Under Armour 495 Indoor/Outdoor Composite Basketball (Latest Review)

The Under Armour 495 Indoor/Outdoor Composite Basketball is very useful and most liked basketball to play a game. It gives them a great confidence level to the player which makes the game easy for the player. This ball is the intermediate indoor outdoor basketball that works best for the Adults to make a game.

The quality of this best value indoor outdoor basketball is also very incredible which provides the professional ball feel to the hand palm of the player.

Under Armour 495 Indoor Outdoor Basketball



With a solid grip, this basketball has very high competition with the other balls. UA GRIPSKIN composite is responsible for its awesome grip. which is present on the outer body of this ball. Its grip will give you an awesome experience of playing. 80% of Nylon windings are also available for retention and gives excellent shape to this ball.


The Bounce of this ball is not ordinary like the other balls. This ball has consistent bounce at a certain level which is long-lasting and can work for too long. The bounce of this ball cannot have a match with any other basketball. The deep channels design of this ball is also very unique which helps in the elasticity of this ball.


The Feel of this basketball is great because of its softness. When it touches the palm of the hand, it gives a unique feeling to the player and the energetic feeling increase the confidence of the player very much. This feature of uniqueness makes this ball different and specific from the other best quality outdoor balls.


Mostly peoples want a durable ball that can works for themself for too long. This ball is very specific according to this point, this is the best basketball in the basketball system. Due to the high durability, it can use Indoor as well as Outdoor and gives a great performance in the different courts.


In the end, we must say this is a very durable & grippy ball with a consistent bounce at the proper level of inflation. If you are in search of such a ball which has these qualities then no doubt, this is a very reliable buying of yours.

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