Basketball Size for the Peoples of Different Ages

It is a very obvious fact that peoples of different ages need a different size of basketball for themselves according to their need. As such if a person chooses a different ball for a play that is not suitable for him then it is most difficult for him to play with that ball. Usually, females use the size of a basketball that has a minor difference as compare to males basketball. If you are finding the accurate size of basketball according to your requirement and get confused, then this guide will definitely helpful for you. Some sizes of basketball which are recommended to Players of different ages are as follow.

Basketball Sizes

It is very important to select the best size for play, because if you practice with the different size ball and develop your habit then it is very difficult to overcome that habit and develop a habit of playing with the correct size ball. It may also cause of loss of interest in the game. So as it is the most important characteristic of the game to select the right weight and size of the ball in order to get the perfect experience of the game.

Everyone who wants to do practice needs a solid grip and lightweight basketball which can dribble and shooting easily here and there and helps in developing their interest in-game.

If you are new to playing and wanted to know about basketball then, first of all, you should have to know which ball works best for you. You can get the idea of selecting a real ball according to your age from the table present in the above picture. Here you can find all sizes of balls for the players of different ages with their best match.

Advantages of selecting the Right Ball.

  • Playing with the right size ball can improve your game as well it helps a lot to develop the skills.
  • The ball of the right size helps you to maintain your grip on the ball and also at the same time reduces the strain on your shoulders.
  • Athletes have to develop habits in sports. So, they have a positive point to play with the right size ball, No matter they feel a little difference in the start but with the time being, they will get adjusted with the correct size ball.
  • As we know, it is the game of controlling and dribbling the ball, so the probability of injuries is very much. Play with the right size ball can overcome these probabilities.

Dis-Advantages of selecting the Wrong Ball.

  • If you are playing with the wrong size ball, it can sometimes take much time to overcome it and develop the right habit of playing with the right size ball.
  • By playing with the wrong size ball, your grip on the ball will very less and you cannot perform well with it.
  • The wrong size ball put very much strain on your shoulders during the game and becomes the cause of extreme tiredness.
  • If the ball is over-weighted or has a non-compatible size, it also becomes the cause of injuries


Which size and weight of the basketball is Standard?

The professional or standard size of Basketball is 7 which has a circumference of 29.5 inches for men and for women, it is 6 which has a circumference of 28.5 inches. However, the standard weight of basketball for men and women is 22- Oz (620g) and 20- Oz (570g).

Is it possible that two basketballs fit in one hoop at the same time?

Yes, if the circumference of both balls is not more than 56 inches then it is easily possible. The 56.5 inches circumference rim with 18 inches diameter can easily allow fitting a basketball of size 7 and 6 in one hoop. The two balls of size 7 are not fitted into it, but one ball of size 7 and others all sizes except 7 are fit easily.

Which basketball size is official for play in outdoor courts?

According to the NBA, The professional and official size of basketball for playing is 7 size in outdoor courts.

What are the different sizes of basketballs?

There are different basketball sizes for all of the players with their circumference & weight are as follow.

  • Size 1: Circumference & weight of 16 inches & 8 Oz.
  • Size 3: Circumference & weight of 22 inches & 10 Oz.
  • Size 4: Circumference & weight of 25.5 inches & 14 Oz.
  • Size 5: Circumference & weight of 27.5 inches & 17 Oz.
  • Size 6: Circumference & weight of 28.5 inches & 20 Oz.
  • Size 7: Circumference & weight of 29.5 inches & 22 Oz.

Which size basketball do an 10 years older use?

The best basketball for the 10 years old boys and girls are of size 5 which plays a good role in acquiring the skills. It is Youth basketball and mostly available at every store.

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