Spalding NBA Street Phantom Official Outdoor Basketball – (Honest Review)

Spalding NBA Street Phantom Official Outdoor Basketball is the most useful ball in the Basketball world. Due to its Softy Rubber Body and Soft Grip Technology, mostly liked by adults. This is the Official size ball which plays a good role in developing the awesome Skills of basketball. In this Official size ball, the difference in the ball is the most prominent and gives a very fascinating feel to the hands of its user. For the detailed features read below;

Spalding Panthom Outdoor Basketball



In the dry and moist court, this ball increases your performance by providing the best and solid grip just because it is specifically built for such an environment. It gives a outclass level of grip which makes it easier for the palm of the hand to dribble it easily during the game. Moreover, you feel that you have total control over your ball, and due to its Soft Grip Technology, your fingers hold the accurate linings.


Most players have a complaint about the bounce of the ball that the bounce of the ball is not consistent. But this ball provides great consistency on the different surfaces in bounce. The most important feature of this ball is to hold air in it due to which, the bounce of this ball is consistent even you dribble it on different surfaces continuously.


Unlike other balls, it doesn’t have any hard surface that gives a rough feel to the ball. But it has an outer high-performance cover that increases the performance of this ball very well so that a player can perform very well and the spongy rubber gives it a soft feel.


The High-performance rubber cover is also responsible for the durability of this ball in different weather conditions. It also helps in the resistance of different surfaces, such as concrete outdoor courts as this ball works very well everywhere.


According to my own experience, Spalding NBA Street Phantom Official Outdoor Basketball works great from every aspect. It provides a soft and comfortable gaming experience than an average outdoor basketball as it becomes the most useful outdoor basketball. I recommend this ball to every passionate player.

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