Mikasa BX1000 Rubber Basketball

Mikasa BX1000 Premium Rubber Basketball

The most durable basketball for performing well in the outdoor courts is the Mikasa BX1000 Premium Rubber Basketball. Its performance rate on the concrete courts, as well as in other outdoor courts is very well because it is highly durable and meets all type of weather conditions.

This affordable price of this ball with the availability of all sizes for youth makes it the special and ideal ball for everyone and best to increase and improve basketball skills.

Mikasa BX1000 Rubber Basketball



This handling of this ball is very easy because of the presence of a pebbles pattern which provides amazing grip. The channels of the rubber of this ball are not much deep but still, it provides an awesome grip. Moreover, during the game, the dirt on this ball cannot affects the performance of the player which is the most favourite feature of this ball.

A spin of Mikasa BX1000 has steady and it is lightweight as compared to other best outdoor rubber basketballs. When the ball is wet sometimes, it causes difficulty for the player in performing the goal. Although, the dry ball causes many conveniences for the player because of its solid grip.


Consistency in the bounce is the most obvious feature of this ball. To achieve a better bounce rate, you have to inflate the ball to a specific level. Because if a ball is not fully inflated it gives a less bounce rate and becomes the reason for the bad performance of the player. This ball works best from every aspect and provides an extreme level of pleasure.


Mikasa BX1000 Premium is especially build to provide a unique soft and tacky feel.  Its feeling is outstanding due to its rubber cover, which gives great relief to the hand of the player during the playing. Moreover, a comfortable feel is provided by the ball during the shooting of the ball.


Because of its durability, the ball gives its 100% on the rough outdoor courts. Its high durability and the construction of deep channels increases its life as it works for too long. Among the other standard balls, it is also the best basketball for the kids and amateur players to develop the right skill of dribbling and passing the ball.


Mikasa ball is the classic ball for outdoor playing. On hard surfaces such as concrete courts, the outer shield cover provides high durability. Further, its consistent bounce and warranty of 1 year make it the most liked ball of players.

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